The Way He Looks At You | Preference

  1. Kendall: His green eyes scan the crowd looking for you and only you, once he finds you, his eyes stop and focus on you and on every detail of your face. A small smile will appear on his lips as he keeps looking at you waiting for the moment he can kiss you.
  2. Logan: His brown eyes will be quick to find you and pick you out among a huge crowd. His face will brightly light up as a wide smile appears on his face and he makes his way toward you to kiss you.
  3. James: His hazel eyes will be sneaky when looking for you, hoping that you won't notice him looking for you, so he can look at you longer. Once he finds you, he'll take in your beauty marking down every detail in the back of his mind, and smile with appear on his lips, then his teeth will come out and bit it softly, hoping to kiss you soon.
  4. Carlos: He will call out your name, so you'll turn and look right at him, his dark chocolate eyes will light up and a bright smile will spread across his face as he makes his way to you to kiss you.
So what, does Logan have a tucking company now?!

So what, does Logan have a tucking company now?!

I would love a Logan anon right. Come on its almost my birthday!