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I’m going to be doing this ‘25 Days of Christmas’ thing, where I write a Christmas or Winter related story everyday in December until Christmas… Actually I’m thinking of writing till New Years, which should be fun. 

What is going to be happening is that I’m going to rotate between all the boys; Kendall, Logan, James, Carlos, and Dustin everyday!!! I know December is 34 days away, but I kind of want to get a head start on things and get ideas flowing, but need YOUR help!! 

I NEED YOU, to send me any Christmas Songs, Pictures, or anything related to Winter into my submit box so I can gain ideas off of them. Also you can send any ideas you have in!! 

You can also let me know what boy you want to have that certain idea, picture, or song with!! Just let me know and I will keep mark of it and I will mention you in the story when it’s posted!! 

Thank you so much for all your help! I hope y’all will be willing to help me out. Love y’all. 

Submit Here!!

Please let me know, Idea is under the read more. 

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